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Coworking for Professionals

Integrated coworking memberships for people serious about getting real work done.

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Communal Open Coworking Is Yesterday’s Fad

Graduate to coworking 2.0 when you are ready to get real, focused work done.

Just The Right Amount Of Other People

If you don’t want to work alone, but also don’t want to feel like you’re in a crowded coffee shop all day, this is the perfect office solution for you.

Virtual Office Included

Prestigious locations provide a real office for your business headquarters.

What Is Professional Integrated Coworking?

We designed a coworking environment focused on productivity. Our integrated approach gives our coworkers more access to private and quiet spaces to accomplish focused work. You won’t find beer kegs, foosball tables, bean bags, loud music or people camped out in phone booths. Here, you can work around other professionals, without feeling like you are in a fish bowl or a fraternity house. Integrated coworking is coworking grown up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is integrated Coworking?

Integrated Coworking is Worksuites' grown-up iteration of coworking. Studies have shown that open-plan workspaces are far less productive than ones with sufficient focused private space. And this is even more true when workers do not work for the same company. Rather than placing everyone in one big room together, our coworking offering includes a variety of smaller areas shared with only a few people, scattered thoughout the floor. This creates an environment more conducive to getting real work done, while at the same time allowing our coworkers to surround themselves with the contagious energy of a network of other successful entreprenuers.

What’s the difference between a hot desk and a dedicated desk?

A hot desk membership gives you unlimited access to drop-in use of available desks and workstations during normal business hours. When you go home, you take your belongings with you because someone else may use that same desk tomorrow. Hot desk members cannot reserve specific desks. A dedicated desk, as the name implies, is a reserved desk in a room shared with others, where you can leave your belongings and know that no one else will use this desk besides you. A dedicated desk is essentially a smaller version of having your own office.

What does it mean that our coworking plans include a “Virtual Office?”

A virtual office is a headquarters for your business. No legitimate venture should list a residence as its business address. Our virtual office gives your start-up a prestigious headquarters in a professional office building. In addition to mail and package reception, virtual offices can include business telephone lines, mail and call forwarding, and access to meeting rooms.

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