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Private, Productive, Professional Offices

Join a community of professionals serious about getting real work done, and proudly bring your clients to a headquarters that projects your image and brand—not ours.

A Full Floor of Amenities, Community and Energy

Impressive reception, meeting rooms and coffee lounges where individuals and small teams can surround themselves with contagious entrepreneurial energy.

Turnkey Office Space Without Commitment

Furnished, wired, move-in ready offices on simple, short-term agreements offer total flexibility.

What You Get

So much more than just an office. Move-in ready, wired, and furnished office space for rent from WorkSuites gives you a full floor of big-office infrastructure, amenities, community and energy with no long-term leases. WorkSuites private offices and executive suites are designed to eliminate distractions and allow maximum focus and productivity. It’s your headquarters, not ours, and we want you to be proud to bring your clients here, so we project your company’s brand and image—not our own. And since 2001, we have differentiated ourselves with our honest, transparent, affordable pricing and local customer service.

Why Worksuites

Choose from 2 pricing packages

Every office comes SEMI-INCLUSIVE. Upgrade to FULLY-INCLUSIVE for a little more per month, or we can build you a custom option. In any case, each location is full of amenities.

Semi-Inclusive Option

These standard amenities are included as part of any office

Worldwide Meeting Room Access

High Speed Fiber Internet Access

Professional Receptionist

Free Parking
Utilities Included
Break Room & Coffee
Office Cleaning
Community and Events

Fully-Inclusive Option

Our standard amenities, PLUS the following additions

$500/mo of Free Meeting Room Use

Fully Furnished

Business Phone Service

Telephone Answering Service
Free Document Printing and Scanning
Cloud Backup
One Hour per month Free IT Support
One Hour Per Month Free Concierge Services
Mobile Calling App

Office Pricing

Small Office / 1 Desk

Pricing from
$425 to $540 Semi-inclusive
$575 to $690 Fully-inclusive

*Pricing varies by location

Medium Office / 1-3 Desks

Pricing from
$645 to $1295 Semi-inclusive
$795 to $1445 Fully-inclusive

*Pricing varies by location

Large Office / 1-6 Desks

Pricing from
$795 to $2815 Semi-inclusive
$945 to $2965 Fully-inclusive

*Pricing varies by location

Team Rooms And Multi-office Suites / 5-20+ Desks

By the office or by the desk.

*Pricing varies by location

Why Worksuites

See How WorkSuites members have customized their office

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between flexible workspace and a conventional office lease?

A conventional office lease is when companies (usually with more than 20 employees) hire a commercial real estate broker and a real estate attorney to negotiate for a fixed amount of square footage of office space for a 5-10 year lease. This is usually the best commercial office solution for large companies. Smaller teams and entreprenuers are typically best suited to a flexible workspace, where they can rent a small office (or multiple offices) on a floor of an office building with shared amenities (like conference rooms, a reception area, kitchens, and internet and phone infrastructure) without being locked into a long-term office lease. With flexible offices, you can add and remove offices as head count changes.

Are executive suites, serviced offices, coworking and private offices all types of flexible workspaces?

Yes, flexible workspaces are called many things. Executive suites, private offices, office suites, business centers, shared office space, and serviced offices all refer to the same thing. The term “coworking” or “co-working” came about to describe a type of flexible shared workspace that catered to freelancers with collaborative, open floor plans. The term coworking is now becoming an umbrella term to encompass all types of flexible workspace, including executive suites and private offices.

Does the flexibility and convenience mean that flexible workspaces are more expensive?

They actually usually cost much less! It depends, of course, on the size of the team, and the type of alternative (nothing costs less than officing out of a coffee shop.) However, for most teams of less than 10 people, shared office suites are the most affordable office space available because they end up renting much less office space due to the shared common areas. There are also significant cost savings from the included infrastructure, furniture and staff.

A few of the savvy companies using WorkSuites

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