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Share an Office and Save Money

Splitting the cost of office space allows you to put that money to work growing your business.

A Desk for You

In a spacious office shared with a few other savvy professionals.

Just the Right Amount of Other People

If you don’t want to work alone, but also don’t want to feel like you’re in a crowded coffee shop all day, this is the perfect office solution for you.

Professional Office Space for $399/mo

With a full floor of amenities, community and energy.

The Most Affordable Way To Office

$399 /mo

Pay for just a desk, and get the use of the entire facility. For only $399/mo you can have a home for your business in a professional community in a prestigious office building. Similar to a “dedicated desk” plan at a communal coworking facility, a shared office at WorkSuites gives you a low-cost place to work every day and leave your belongings every night. But at WorkSuites, you also get a host of other big office amenities, including a business phone line, a professional receptionist and meeting room time.

Why Worksuites

All-Inclusive Amenities

These key amenities are included as part of part-time and temporary office spaces

Worldwide Meeting Room Access

Use a meeting room or desk in 100+ cities around the world. (4 hours free per month).

Fully Furnished

Our office spaces include custom configurations in either contemporary or traditional style.

Professional Receptionist

Impressive reception area and receptionist to greet your clients and assist with administrative tasks.

$200/mo of Free Meeting Room Use

That’s over 12 hours of use at any of our 50+ well-appointed boardrooms and conference rooms.

Additional included amenities

Free Parking
24 / 7 Access
Utilities Included
Mail & Package Handling
Business Phone Service
Break Room & Coffee
Office Cleaning
Cloud Backup
Call Answering & Screening
Free Document Printing
Dedicated Wifi Network
Mobile Calling App
High Speed Fiber Internet Access
Free IT Support
Concierge Services
Building Directory Listing
Why Choose Worksuites

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a shared office and a part-time office?

A part-time office plan gives you 5 or 10 days per month of drop-in access to your own fully private office, but when you leave you must take your belongings with you because a different person may use that office the next day. A shared office, on the other hand, is a full-time desk in an office that is shared with a few other people.

Is a shared office the same as a sublease?

No. A shared office is an affordable workspace for one person with a company that provides various types of full-service office solutions. An office sublease is when a company rents more space than it needs and tries to minimze its losses by renting a portion (usually at least 1,000sf) of that space to another company (usually for a period of a few years.)

What are the pros and cons of sharing an office?

The main reason people select a shared/semi-private office rather than a full private office is the cost savings. Obviously, renting part of an office costs much less than renting the entire office. There is, of course, the trade off of privacy, but for many soloprenuers, working with a few other office mates is actually preferred to working alone.

A few of the savvy companies using WorkSuites

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